Secret Item Locations in "GTA: San Andreas" on the PS2

Written by tim raud
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"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" was released by Rockstar Games for the PlayStation 2 in 2004. Like past "GTA" games, "San Andreas" is a violent adventure game that lets you play the life of gang member Carl "CJ" Johnson. Scattered around the cities are secret weapons that you can pick up and use for free. These will not only save you cash but also give you extra firepower.


There are two locations where you can find a katana. One is in Los Santos, at the loading docks near the All Saints Hospital in the market area. The second location is in Las Venturas, between the snack pits at the Snake Farm. The katana is a deadly melee weapon that you can combine with martial arts moves learnt at the Cobra Martial Arts Dojo.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is a very powerful handgun that has deadly accuracy. There are a few locations you can pick up this gun for free. In Los Santos, you can find a Desert Eagle inside the warehouse east of Mount Chiliad and on the corner of the Playa Del Seville, behind a metal fence. In San Fierro you can find this pistol in the alley south of Zero's RC Shop and there is one behind the house near the beach in Bayside Marina. There is one place in Las Venturas that you can find the Desert Eagle, across from the set of trailers in Lil' Probe Inn.


The flame-thrower is a highly lethal weapon that will set all of your enemies and any vehicle on fire. The biggest risk of using the flame-thrower is that it can sometimes backfire, setting yourself on fire as well. The flame-thrower can be found in all three cities. In Los Santos you can find it at the Back O' Beyond, between a set of large trees. In San Fierro, you can pick one up at the Doherty construction site around the fallen piece of concrete and on the export-import ship. Las Venturas offers one location, behind the KACC Fuels building, to find a flame-thrower.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is an invaluable tool when destroying vehicles and killing large groups of enemies. In Los Santos you can find one of these in the Downtown area on the roof of the radio broadcasting building, where the radio tower is. In Las Venturas there are two locations: on Emerald Isle at the Helipad and inside LV airport near the containers.

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