Space-saving ideas for slanted ceilings

Updated February 21, 2017

Slanted ceilings can be a storage challenge since standard, vertically-oriented ceilings use up space. Whether your attic, closet or even a whole room has slanted ceilings, you need to be creative with your storage solutions to make the most of your square footage.


If the slanted ceiling is in a closet, such as under the stairs or off an attic bedroom, you can use it for clothing storage. Mount closet rods to the sides of the wall, and use the low height areas at the very edges on the floor for shoe storage. Alternatively, mount two rods, one above the other. Place the in-season clothing items on the top bar since it will be the most visible.

Benches and Beds

Captain's beds, with their under-bed storage in the form of drawers and simple bench-style seats with chests hidden underneath the cushions, are good choices to make the most of the space under a slanted ceiling. If the beds or the benches are built-in elements, you can tailor them specifically to fit the edges of the wall.

Fill in the Back Edges

If the slanted ceiling runs all the way to the floor, you may want to fill in the first couple of feet closest to the floor to have some vertical wall space with which to place shorter dressers and storage cubbies. If you are uncomfortable with sacrificing this space, don't simply fill them in. Instead, install custom slanted cabinets in this space, and fill them with rarely used items.

Multiple Hooks

Line a slanted ceiling with various hooks or different sizes to store items. Larger items can hang from more than one hook. You can use miniature hammocks, such as those typically used for stuffed animal storage, to store your various office supplies, blankets or other items.

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