Indian ringneck color varieties

Written by ann lapan
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Indian ringneck parrots or parakeets are medium-sized parrots native to India. These parrots require a lot of attention, including frequent handling and need to be well trained, or they may become destructive, aggressive or loud. However, when given the proper care, Indian ringnecks make loving pets.

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Wild Indian ringnecks are almost always bright green. Any other Indian ringneck colour or patterns result from mutations. These green birds may have some yellow or blue feathers at the tail. Indian ringnecks also have bright red beaks. As their name implies, male Indian ringnecks have dark black rings around their necks. These rings may be followed with a blue or pink ring. Females also have rings around their necks, but these are much paler. The females' ring is often a pale green.


The most common and sought after colour mutation in Indian ringneck parrots is blue. Indian ringnecks can be found with a light-blue, or a darker, almost purple-blue plumage. Females tend to be a lighter colour than males. The males' rings are black and white. These blue birds share the same red beak as the traditional green Indian ringneck.


Gray Indian ringneck parrots are also a common mutation. Its plumage ranges from light grey or silver to a dark charcoal grey. Male grey Indian ringnecks have black and white rings like the blue colour mutation. Females have pale rings, if any at all. Like other Indian ringneck colour mutations, grey Indian ringnecks have black and yellow eyes and a bright red beak.


The yellow mutation in this parrot is also known as Lutino. Lutino Indian ringnecks are bright yellow. Their eyes and beaks are red. These yellow birds may have white feathers around their heads or along their wings and tails. The male parrot's wing may be white or non-existent.


White Indian ringnecks are generally albinos, although a white plumage colour mutation can be found. White birds will sometimes have pale blue-tinted wings and a pure white head. The red beaks of the parrots stand out against this colour mutation. Rings are non-existent.


Pied Indian ringnecks are birds that sport more than one colour. Pied birds may have an almost solid body colour with spotted wings. Other birds may display more spots. Pied birds can be green, yellow, blue, pink or white.


Violets are one of the rarest colour mutations. These birds often appear to be a deep blue with some purple tints. Light-coloured lavender birds can occasionally be found as well.

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