Poseidon facts for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Poseidon is one of the most well-known gods in Greek mythology. He was known foremost as the god of the sea, as well as the creator of earthquakes. In Roman mythology he was later also known as Neptune. Poseidon is also the subject of an ancient Greek hymn that recounted his history and battles. Below are some more Poseidon facts for kids.

Poseidon's Birth

Poseidon's mother was Rhea, the queen of the universe and also the mother of fellow gods Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Hera, and Zeus. Poseidon's father was Cronus, who liked to swallow his children at birth. Rhea wanted to save Poseidon, so she told Cronus she had given birth to a horse. To trick him, she fed her husband a real horse. She then sent baby Poseidon to the female ocean gods to care for him.

Poseidon's Domination of the Sea

When Poseidon's brother, Zeus, had grown up, he decided to wage war against their father, Cronus, as revenge for his poor treatment of everyone. All of Cronus's surviving children banded together and defeated their father, then divided up control of the universe. Zeus received the sky, Hades received the underworld and Poseidon received the sea.

Dispute with Athena

Both Poseidon and the goddess Athena claimed to have founded the Acropolis, the highest point in ancient Greece and its capital. Poseidon said he first thrust his trident into the ground there, causing a flood, while Athena said she had planted an olive tree there even before that. To settle the dispute, Zeus asked the other gods to judge. They picked Athena because King Cecrops said he had witnessed her plant the tree.

Consorts and Children

Poseidon gave birth to many children by many different consorts. His main companion, though, was Amphitrite, a nymph and an ancient sea goddess. He wanted to marry her, but she at first didn't want to agree and escaped for protection from the titan Atlas. Poseidon sent out a search party. She was finally found by Delphin, who persuaded her to marry Poseidon after all.

Battle of Troy

During the time described by ancient Greek mythology, Troy was a great city, presided over by the king Laomedon. Poseidon and fellow god Apollo decided to test him by appearing in the city as humans, offering to build a strong wall around the city for safety. However, when the work was done, Laomedon refused to pay them, so to get revenge Apollo sent a disease to the city, and Poseidon sent a sea monster.

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