What Kind of Birthday Gifts Do Sixteen-Year-Old Boys Like?

Updated March 23, 2017

It can be difficult to shop for 16-year-old boys because they are at an age where they are too old for toys, but too young to enjoy the same things as adults. Fear not, as there are a number of items on the market to make the teen boy in your life happy on his big day.


Give a 16-year-old boy items he can use to redecorate his room. Splurge on a trendy pillow or chair that he can use in the future at college or in an apartment. Buy new bedding that matches his paint or wallpaper, maybe a print that will make him want to change his bed from his Spider-Man bed sheets. Consider some framed posters of his favourite band or movie as well.


Teens like to be unique and express their personalities, one way to do this is to create their own personalised backpack. When you personalise a backpack you choose what colour or patterned material your teen would like, and you can choose what style pockets you would like as well. Some companies even let you choose a message or name to embroider on the backpack. You can even find major shoe companies that will allow you to design sneakers for your teen as well with the same choices (material, colours, style, etc.). If you want to buy an expensive present, consider investing in a laptop for your 16-year-old boy, one that is good enough to last through college. Another good gift that can be used at school is a flash drive shaped like his favourite superhero or a bag for his laptop.


You could buy the teen boy in your life the latest video games, but it's likely if he's a gamer he has them. Instead buy points he can use with his video game system to buy online content or games. Buy additional remotes for his system or accessories to go with his favourite system. If he has a smart phone, buy a personalised skin he can use to protect the phone.


For sports-loving teens, consider giving them a gift they can use with their favourite sports. You can buy a new track suit or shoes for practicing or playing in. However, you could also buy gear like a skateboard for skaters (even personalised to fit their tastes) or the Nike and iPod shoe that tracks your workouts and suggests extended routes for you based on the distance you want to run. The system does this through an application that tracks how long you are running, how many calories you burn and the intensity of your workout. This is all done through built-in sensors.

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