Wholesale Gifts for Dog Lovers

Updated November 21, 2016

When you are shopping for a dog lover, consider choosing a wholesale gift that coordinates with the person's love for her canine companion. There are lots of wholesale dog gift items that you can find online or in pet stores. Purchase the wholesale products in bulk if you have lots of dog-loving friends so that you can give them all gifts. Check out online sites such as E&S or for wholesale dog goods. You can also find large quantities of items like these at stores such as Costco or Sam's Club.


Many dog lovers enjoy giving their pets treats, whether they are rewarding them for doing a treat or simply for being their best friend. Choose a gift of treats for the dog lovers in your life. For example, purchase a large bin of wholesale dog biscuits. Then, place a smaller amount of biscuits in a decorative bag or tin for each dog lover in your life. Milk Bones or miniature rawhide bones are available wholesale and are agreeable to most dogs' digestive systems.

Picture Frames

When you are shopping for someone who loves her dog, she likely wants to place pictures of him around her home. Consider choosing wholesale picture frames. For example, choose a silver frame that has something dog-related engraved onto it, such as "Man's Best Friend" or something else. You could also choose a collection of plain wholesale wooden frames and paint a message onto them that is unique to each dog and dog lover.

Dog Bowls

If a person owns a dog, they need all sorts of practical items, such as dog bowls. Consider giving the dog owners in your life decorative dog bowls they can use to give their dogs food and water. Select bowls with a simple design, such as paw prints or pictures of dogs on them. You could also choose whimsical dog bowls with another pattern, such as polka dots, stripes or animal print. Some wholesale dog bowls available are shaped like dog bones or have a Snoopy design.

Dog T-shirts

You can find dog-themed T-shirts in many stores and on different websites that sell dog items. You could choose T-shirts that are specific to a dog breed, such as a Labrador retriever or a German short-haired pointer. Alternatively, choose a T-shirt that simply has large paw prints on them or a funny-looking cartoon dog and a humorous saying.

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