PTA Treasurer Duties

Written by brock cooper | 13/05/2017
PTA Treasurer Duties
The PTA treasurer handles all money matters for the organisation. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), also called the Parent Teacher Organization, is the backbone of many schools and student activities. The PTA pays for many activities the school cannot, helps raise funds for events and volunteers at school functions. The organisation is run by parents, guardians and anyone else in the community interested in participating. Some of the members have specific duties within the organisation. One of the most important roles is the treasurer, who manages the money for the PTA. The treasurer has many duties that you should study before taking the position.


The treasurer takes and disburses the organisation's funds. PTAs earn money through fundraising and ,and the treasurer receives all the money. The PTA board decides where the money should go, and the treasurer makes sure the funds are given to the right people. For example, if the PTA board decides to give £260 to the youth football league, the treasurer drafts the check and mails or gives it to the treasurer of the football league.


The treasurer keeps track of and manages the funds in the PTA's various accounts. A PTA may have one account for general expenses, one for event decorations and one for donations. It may also have money invested in CDs and other investments. The treasurer must keep track of maturity and interest rates, and reports all of this information to the board.


PTAs are non-profit organisations, but they take in and spend money, so they must pay taxes just like any other organisation. The treasurer maintains all the necessary tax records, including receipts. The board can choose to have an accountant do the taxes, but the treasurer must make sure the taxes get done and filed on time. The treasurer also pays any taxes the organisation owes and makes sure funds are available.

Checks and Balances

The treasurer makes sure the funds are available for any PTA business. If the funds are not available, the treasurer tells the board that the money isn't there. The treasurer meets regularly with the finance committee to go over the fund balances and any future expenses. If the money isn't there to cover the expenses, then the PTA board must decide what to cut. The treasurer provides information such as past disbursements and any returns on investment the PTA had.

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