Church Sanctuary Paint Colors

Updated April 17, 2017

Colours play a very important role in the ambience and atmosphere of every room and building. A church sanctuary is no exception. The colours inside a church should reflect its purpose of worship and fellowship. The church sanctuary is the inner part of the church and is a consecrated area found near or around the altar. This area should be painted in colours that are warm and inviting.

Colour Effects

Colours can powerfully affect people's moods. Take this into consideration when choosing a paint colour for a church sanctuary. The colour in a sanctuary should be subtle to evoke a peaceful and calm feeling. Avoid colours that are bold and bright -- such as red, yellow and orange -- in this area of the church because these colours can distract from the reverence people feel in a sanctuary.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colours create a peaceful, calm and relaxing feeling in the sanctuary and are a popular choice. Neutral colours with warm tones can create a welcoming feeling for those attending the church. Neutral colours that are suitable for a church sanctuary include white, off-white, creamy tan, beige, creamy white, warm light sage and warm bronze.

Green Colors

Green is a naturally passive colour that is appealing for a church sanctuary. It is considered one of the most restful colours and easy on the eyes. Green is a pleasant, refreshing colour that promotes a feeling of relaxation and calm. It is a cool colour that produces an ambience of tranquillity, togetherness and comfort. Green hues suitable for a church sanctuary include sage green, avocado, sap and olive green.

Blue Colors

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea and is often associated with serenity, peace and joy. It is known to have the effect of lowering blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate because of its calm, relaxing characteristics. It is a good colour for a church sanctuary because it can create a peaceful aura that can prepare people for worship. Pastel blue, light blue, powder blue and cornflower blue are suitable for a sanctuary.

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