Craft Ideas Using Felt (For Kids)

Updated July 19, 2017

Felt is a fabric that works well with a wide variety of craft projects. Felt is inexpensive, easy to cut and is hardy enough to withstand multiple uses. Kids love craft projects and when they are given felt to use in crafts, there's no saying what types of creative ideas they will come up with. Felt comes in large bolts which can be purchased at fabric stores and it also comes in small sheets which can be purchased at craft stores.

Felt Board

A felt board is a fun craft and a learning tool. Use a large piece of felt to serve as the backdrop. A neutral colour, such as tan, is best. Glue or nail the felt to a bulletin or other board or simply tack the felt to the wall. Help the children cut shapes out of felt. Cut a round piece of yellow felt for a sun and cut out some green tree shapes. Children will have fun creating characters out of flesh toned felt and designing clothes for them. The felt pieces will "magically" stick to the large felt backdrop piece. Use the felt pieces to tell stories.

Felt Jewelry

Create whimsical felt jewellery to wear or give as a gift. Children will enjoy drawing simple flower shapes on felt. Cut out the flowers and layer another similar, but smaller, shape on top of them. Glue the felt flowers to a pin back (available at craft stores) and add embellishments. You can add a bead or button to the flower centre. Or glue a green leaf to the underside of the pin. You can even use glitter glue to add sparkle to the flowers. Create bracelets out of toilet paper rolls and felt. Cut a toilet paper roll into three round pieces. Take one piece and cut it the other direction (so it can be laid flat and still spring back into a round shape). Take a piece of felt and wrap it around and glue it to the roll. Trim the edges. Embellish the bracelet with buttons and shapes cut from contrasting coloured felt.

Stuffed Felt Crafts

Use felt to create stuffed, soft crafts. Create small pillows for dolls or even a pillow to hold a lost tooth until the tooth fairy can come to collect it. Cut the pillow shape out of felt and sew or glue the edges. Turn it inside out to hide the seams, then stuff the pillow with cotton batting and close the rest of the side. Embellish the pillow with other felt pieces that can be either sewn or glued in place. Beads and buttons are also suitable embellishments. Create stuffed dolls in the same fashion. Dolls can be dressed in simple clothes made from felt. Use yarn for hair and beads or buttons to create doll eyes.

Other Felt Crafts

Use felt to create other fun crafts, such as stick puppets. Wrap one end of a craft stick with felt, then glue and trim the felt. Use googly eyes, markers and other pieces of felt to embellish the puppet and to create a character. You can also use felt to create a banner. Cut felt into a pennant or banner shape and use other pieces of felt to create letters to use on the banner.

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