Characteristics of a Sunday School Teacher

Written by carolyn scheidies
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Characteristics of a Sunday School Teacher
Sunday School teachers need to have a desire to share their faith. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

A Sunday School teacher shares much in common with teachers of children in public or private schools. The characteristics of a good teacher include the desire to help children and share knowledge. The added characteristics of a good Sunday School teacher are a knowledge of God's word and a desire to share the message of Christ with others.

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Bible Knowledge

An essential characteristic of a good Sunday School teacher is that she have a knowledge of the book she plans to teach. The best Sunday School teachers are those who read the Bible on a regular, daily basis, who study the Bible on their own and in classes with other Christians and who base life choices on Biblical principles.

Desire to Impart

A characteristic of a good teacher is a person who not only loves to learn, but also one who desires to share that learning with others. For a Sunday School teacher, that means knowing not only what the Bible teaches, but also knowing the God of the Bible in a personal way. This Sunday School teacher knows God's love on a personal basis and desires that others, especially those in the class, come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way as well.

Teaching Skills

A good Sunday School teacher not only desires to share the word of God with others, but seeks to do so with positive teaching skills. These skills include an ability to communicate effectively with the age group to be taught, sensitivity to needs, patience and a willingness to listen. Characteristics of a Sunday School teacher also include the ability to take a leadership role while also being aware there is always more to learn. Teachers without much teaching experience need to have a willingness to learn and grow in their teaching skills and abilities.


If a lesson has no relevance to those taught, the lesson will fall flat and the members of the class can become bored or disruptive. A good teacher can make lessons relevant. A good Sunday School teacher is one who takes the Biblical lesson, understands the underlying principle and teaches that principle in a way the class members can apply to their everyday lives and situations.

Enjoys Working with Children

A Sunday School teacher must enjoy working with children. One who finds children annoying and irritating should not be teaching children. A teacher needs to be able to handle the energy levels and curiosity of the children as well as their honest and direct statements and questions. A Sunday School teacher who enjoys children can focus their curiosity, energy and enthusiasm into a deeper understanding of the lesson.

Plans Ahead of Time

Planning is a positive characteristic for a Sunday School teacher. Teachers who do not plan, have no idea how to deal with the subject matter or the students' questions because they haven't studied enough to have a handle on what they're teaching. Children know when a teacher isn't prepared. A good Sunday School teacher plans well enough so that minor changes aren't a big problem. A prepared teacher is more relaxed in the classroom and can be more responsive to children's needs.

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