Good cover-up-name tattoo ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Many people get a partner's name tattooed on their bodies, only to regret it later. If a relationship ends and feelings change permanently, the name tattoo itself may begin to be an emotionally painful reminder of the past. Often, people with such tattoos seek out ways to hide the ink through cover-up tattoos that distract the eye from what is underneath. A clever cover-up tattoo is a great way to start fresh and to move on from an unwanted name tattoo.


A name tattoo can be usually be hidden quite well with a colourful floral tattoo. The profusion of petals, leaves and different shades of ink can really distract the eye. Often, the lines of the tattoo can be made to cover up many lines of the person's name, and anything that is missed can be hidden with a darker ink tone on top. If you're looking for ways to hide a name tattoo, a floral tattoo will work well, as long as a skilled tattoo artist applies it.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are thick, bold and generally quite dark. If you need to hide a prominent name tattoo, you may be able to convert the lettering into part of a bigger tribal tattoo. Covering up your name tattoo will be easier when you choose a design that is not too delicate or pastel. Luckily, tribal tattoos are usually not pale or dainty in any way.


You will need a skilled artist to cover your name tattoo with a figure tattoo, but this approach can work well with the right design. Different parts of the figure's body, hair and face can be used to cover up the words of your ex's name. However, if your name tattoo is horizontal, as most name tattoos are, your figure will need to be wide enough to cover all of the letters. Of course, some background can be added to cover up letters on a thinner figure tattoo.

Joke Tattoos

If you've got a sense of humour about things, you can always put a humorous tattoo on top of your name tattoo mistake. Some funny examples include a rubber stamp tattoo that spells out void. Voiding your relationship with such a tattoo may feel good, but it's not always the most attractive approach.

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