Speech Ideas on Cultural Diversity

Written by crystal lassen | 13/05/2017
Speech Ideas on Cultural Diversity
Open your cultural diversity speech with an attention-grabbing anecdote or statement. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Cultural diversity refers to the various cultures or societies of people that are present throughout the world. It's important to maintain cultural diversity, as this allows people to learn from one another. If all humans were culturally the same, they would have little to teach and share with each other. When preparing a speech topic related to cultural diversity, focus on cultural tolerance and adaptation themes.

Multicultural Work Setting

Explore a speech topic that is largely concerned with multicultural work settings. Talk about the pros of having a multicultural workplace. As cultures vary, so do opinions and creativity. Within a multicultural workplace, you are likely to be surrounded by people who have ideas or suggestions that you may never have thought of. By working with a multicultural staff, you may have a more successful company, as you will have access to diverse points-of-view that may prove to be best when they are combined.

Global Communication

Talk about the enhanced global communication opportunities within a culturally diverse environment. Successful global communication, on which politicians and corporations rely heavily, creates the possibility of more advantageous business deals. Proper communication can help you to understand the various cultures throughout the world. The more knowledgeable you are about other cultures, the less likely you are to offend a potential business partner or political ally.

Diversity In Schools

Cultural diversity in schools is prevalent and will only continue to increase. Present a speech in which you explore the effects of cultural diversity in schools. Due to the various cultures, students in a culturally diverse school may have access to a larger variety of clubs and activities. Talk about the effects of cultural diversity in the classroom. Use this as an opportunity to talk about cultural diversity tolerance and the situations that may arise when there is a lack of tolerance in schools.

Tolerance and Adaptation

Write a speech that explores other cultures. State what you think your culture can learn from other cultures. Explore food preparation techniques and styles within cultures that are very different from your own. Research education requirements for jobs and job styles in other cultures. List recreational activities that are present in other cultures that you may not be familiar with. Examine how tolerance can enhance overall understanding of cultures that vary from your own.

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