Homemade Crafts Using Marbles

Updated February 21, 2017

Marbles comes in all shapes and sizes, from round like those used in the old-fashioned game of the same name to flat ones that sit perfectly when stacked. Marbles have been used by artisans and homemade craft makers for years because of their beauty and ease of use. There are many crafts that can made with glass marbles.


A marble's multicoloured glass structure makes it a great element for a suncatcher. Glue a pair of CDs or DVDs together so that their metallic parts face outward. Drill a hole in the top to hang the craft and three holes in the bottom for wire danglers. Cover the middle hole on each side of the new suncatcher with a flat-sided marble and glue other marbles wherever you want on the CD itself. Thread copper wire lengths strung with beads through the three bottom holes and hang your suncatcher in a place where it is guaranteed to reflect light.

Marble Magnet

Both magnetic strips and various types and colours of marbles can be commonly found in craft stores. When combined, these two craft items result in a perfectly usable decorative magnet. To make, cut out a picture or other attractive paper image and glue it to the top of the magnet strip. Once dry, glue a transparent marble on top of the picture; the marble will act as a small magnifying glass, enhancing the image. Let the glue dry and then stick your new magnet onto your refrigerator or cubicle wall.


Moulding clay can be used to create a variety of sculptures; add a little pizazz to any piece of clay art by inserting glass marbles into the sculpture. For example, you can set the marbles along the piece's edges and borders to emphasise those areas. The marbles can be placed into the sculpture when the clay is still soft if you want a set-in look or glued on top once the clay has dried.

Marble Painting

Children will enjoy getting messy with a fun marble and paint craft. You will need several pieces of paper and a tray to set the paper into, several round marbles, several colours of paint and containers for the paint. Roll the marbles through the paint until they are completely covered and have the children grab a few differently coloured marbles and place them on the paper where they can roll them around to make various designs.

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