Salary of a golf caddy

Updated January 11, 2017

Golf caddies carry the bags of golfers. They should know the various types of golf clubs and have knowledge of the game. Whether a caddie for golfers on the PGA tour or a caddie for amateurs, caddies must be in good physical conditioning, as the game of golf requires a great deal of walking. Salaries for those working with professional golfers on the PGA tour are much higher than the salaries of caddies working with amateur golfers. Still, the salaries of professional caddies vary according to the prestige and success of their golfer.

PGA Tour Caddy

According to its website, the PGA tour is an "organisation of professional golfers that play financially lucrative tournaments nationally and internationally." PGA tour caddies often work more than 30 hours per week. With a regular season schedule that lasts the entire year, caddies may work 30 weeks a year. Salaries for golf caddies of players who did not perform well may earn as much as £32,500 per year. For caddies whose players finished in the top 150 in rankings, yearly salaries can range from £42,250 to £81,250. Also, caddie salaries are affected by the amount of a single tournament and how high their player finishes.

Top Earners

In a June 2007 article for Forbes magazine titled "Top Earning Caddies," Matt Woolsey states that top earning caddies may earn as much as some PGA players. He cites the salaries of caddies Tony Navarro and Alistair Matheson who earned £287,656 and £219,627 respectively as of 2007. Steve Williams, the caddie for Tiger Woods, one of the leading golfers in the world, earned 1.27 million in 2006, according to the article and continues to earn a million dollar salary.

Amateur Caddies

While amateur golfers may play in tournaments for prestigious companies such as Nike, they do not earn nearly as much as their professional counterparts do. The United States Golf Association, which governs amateur players, restricts its golfers from playing for prize money. However, it does set the base pay for amateur caddies at £32 per day. Experienced or really good amateur caddies may receive extra cash in the form of a tip from their golfer.

Golf Club Caddies

Top golf courses, both public and private, hire caddies to provide services for both member golfers and visiting golfers. Some courses even host PGA tour events. Chambers Bay Golf Resort in Tacoma, Washington and Brandon Dunes in Oregon hire caddies, a few of whom work other jobs. In a May 2008 article for the Seattle Times titled "Caddies Making a Comeback," Chambers Bay caddie Nate Spitzer states that caddies can earn as much as £97 per day depending on their quality. The Augusta National Golf Club employs a staff of caddies who may earn between £9,750 and £32,500 yearly. Those who work "The Masters Tournament" held at Augusta National may work for high-earning golfers and earn much more.

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