Grasshoppers in Rainforests

Written by katherine eion | 13/05/2017
Grasshoppers in Rainforests
The rainforests still hold much mystery for scientists. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The rainforests have a stunning array of insects, including grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. Grasshoppers moult as they grow and will eat the empty shells they leave behind. The relationship between plants and grasshoppers is symbiotic, meaning each species is dependent on the other. Grasshoppers help pollinate and spread the growth of plants in the rainforests. Grasshoppers feed on grasses, leaves and ferns. Rainforest grasshoppers live about a year if they are able to avoid predators.

Long-Horned Grasshopper

The long-horned grasshopper belongs to a group of insects called tettigonids. The grasshopper is leafy green and its wings are large and delicate, serving to camouflage the insect while it feeds on plants. The scientific name for the species is Phyllophora. Long-horned grasshoppers have very long, thin antennae and blend in with plants, grass and trees. This type of grasshopper is active at night and can be very noisy. Long-horned grasshoppers are found in tropical rainforests in Asia and South America.

Rainforest Grasshopper of Ecuador

The scientific name for this grasshopper is Eulampiacris leucoptera. This grasshopper is smaller than the one found in the United States. It looks like the common grasshopper, except for a maroon colouring on its back. The bright colouring makes this rainforest grasshopper of Ecuador very vulnerable to predators such as snakes, reptiles and birds.

Crested Rainforest Grasshopper

The crested rainforest grasshopper's scientific name is Prionolopha serrata. The grasshopper is dark green with a brown stripe down its back and wings. Males of this species are very noisy in flight and on the ground. These grasshoppers have short antennae. The crested rainforest grasshopper protects itself from predators with its camouflage colouring. These grasshoppers can be found in Central America, Africa and Southern Asia.

Black Grasshopper

The black grasshopper has indigo blue eyes and yellow polka dots on its back. This grasshopper is found in the rainforests of Peru. The grasshopper is bitter to predators. It also hides along the forest floor in the shadows under and near rocks. The black grasshopper likes to feed on lichen, algae and moss. The black grasshopper lives in the rainforests of Australia.

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