Preschool Lessons & Activities on Feeding the 5000

The story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five small loaves of bread and two fish can be found in all four gospels of the Bible. It is an important story to illustrate for children because it shows one of the many miracles Jesus performed while on Earth and teaches a lesson about God's provision for His people.

Sing a Song

Music is often an effective tool to help children remember Bible stories. Songs that can be taught to children about feeding the 5,000 include "Little is Much" by Kitte L. Suffield and "Loaves and Fishes" by Cindy Jordan. Both songs teach students about how God can provide.

Go Fishing

Attach a magnet to the end of a string, approximately a foot long. On the floor, place pieces of paper with scripture verses about loaves and fish. Each piece of paper on the floor should have a paper clip attached to it, to be attracted to the magnet. Let children fish for the verses and, as they catch them, read the verses aloud. End the lesson by allowing the children to snack on fish-shaped crackers or cookies.

Create a Storybook

Write a simplified version of the feeding the 5,000. Create sentence strips for each sentence of the story and have students glue each sentence onto a piece of construction paper and staple them together to create a short storybook. Allow students to draw pictures on the construction paper to illustrate the story.

Act it Out

Gather together a group of older children to act out the scene for the preschoolers. During the scene, the preschoolers can fill the role of the 5,000 by having the actors give them fish and bread during the play. At the end of the scene, talk with the preschoolers about what they saw during the play and what they can learn from it.

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