Ideas for a Jack & Jill Bathroom Design

A Jack and Jill bathroom can be a design challenge for even the most savvy of home decorators. This type of bathroom, which typically connects two bedrooms and features a door on each side, can be difficult to style because it is a shared space that must accommodate the needs of at least two individuals as well as meet different design preferences. However, if you have one of these bathrooms in your home, there are ways to make the most of the space and ensure that every member of your household who uses the bathroom is comfortable in the room.

Remember Locks

Because a Jack and Jill bathroom features a door on each end, you may have privacy concerns about the space. To address these concerns, ensure that there is a lock on both doors so that the bathroom is secure when in use. Having a lock on each door can cause some issues, however. First, you must remember to lock both doors when you need to use the bathroom. Secondly, you must remember to unlock both doors when leaving the bathroom so that the other person who shares the bathroom is not locked out of the space when he may need to use the facilities.

Add a Partition

If two or more members of your household share a Jack and Jill bathroom, it can get crowded in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready for school or work. To ensure that the bathroom to accommodate more than one person at a time, consider adding a partition or fully enclosing the toilet and shower. Installing an enclosure for these areas can allow one person to use them while another person brushes her teeth at the sink or puts make-up on in front of the mirror; this way, no one in the family has to worry about being late.

Install Double Sinks

Another way to ensure that a Jack and Jill bathroom can accommodate more than one person at a time is to install double sinks. Installing two sinks next to one another allows you and another person to brush your teeth or wash your faces at the same time. To make the set-up even more convenient, consider installing a sink in each of the connecting bedrooms so family members do not have to wait to perform basic tasks, like washing their hands.

Find a Universal Theme

When it comes to decorating the bathroom, take the personalities of all of the people sharing the space into account and create a distinct space within the room for each person. Use a neutral colour palette, particularly if a male and female are sharing the space, and select a decorating theme that is gender-neutral. For example, an under-the-sea theme is appropriate for both men and women; you can decorate the walls with stencilled whales, dolphins, mermaids or other sea creatures. Alternatively, a simple black and white tile design can also be attractive in a shared space.

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