Sunday school bible stories for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

The Bible is filled with stories of adventure, trust and the lives of men and women of faith. The Bible contains the story of creation, the Jewish people, the life of Jesus and the beginning of Christianity. From the many stories from the Bible, Sunday school teachers choose stories that show God's sovereignty, love and principles, and how He worked through men and women.

Telling the Story of Creation

Kids can read the story of creation from the Bible, or you can tell the story, gearing your presentation to the age of the children in your Sunday school class. Tell the story by using a series of colouring sheets, one for each day of creation. Read a picture book about the story of creation, showing the children illustrations from each page. The many books on creation include "7 Days of Creation (GodCounts Series)," "The Real Story of the Creation," and "The Creation Story for Children." You can find the story of creation online at eBible Teacher and Ministry-to-Children.

Adam and Eve to Abraham and Joseph

Tell the story of God's creation of Adam, and of Eve to be his partner. Other important Sunday school Bible stories for kids from Genesis include Noah and the ark, and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham is the father of the Jewish nation. Tell how God led him to the promised land. Share how his faith was tested when God asked him to sacrifice his only son, and how Abraham tried to save the city of Sodom.

Joseph, sold by his brothers into slavery, kept trusting God even when thrown in prison for something he didn't do. Eventually, he became second in power to the pharaoh and was able to save his own family when famine hit the land. God's guidance and protection are key elements throughout these stories.

Egypt and Exodus

Once they were in Egypt, the Jewish people thrived. Hundreds of years later, a new pharaoh came to fear them and turned them into slaves. God's people prayed to be rescued. Moses was raised in Pharaoh's household. The stories of Moses are exciting and filled with adventure and danger, and they tell of God's miraculous protection and help. Moses escaped from Pharaoh and lived in the desert until God called him back to rescue his people through a series of plagues and other miracles.

David and Daniel

The life of David provides Bible stories about herding sheep, killing Goliath the giant, friendship with the king's son, and becoming king himself. The Bible also tells of Daniel and his friends, who refused to eat the king's food and grew stronger and wiser than the other captives. There is the story of Daniel being thrown into the lion's den for continuing to worship God after leaders in the kingdom tricked the king into a bad law.

Deborah, Ruth and Esther

Deborah was a judge in the land. When the military leader refused to strike the enemy without her, she rode into battle. Ruth chose to worship God, which led to a romance story told in the Book of Ruth. The Book of Esther tells the story of an orphan, Esther, who became queen and saved the life of her people with her beauty, wisdom and courage.


The New Testament reveals the story of Jesus, the son of God, who came to down to earth to live as a human. He died for the wrongs that humans do, and he rose again to offer life to all who come to Him. The stories about Jesus include Him confounding church leaders at age 12, and His healing powers that extended even to raising Lazarus from the dead. The key to the stories of Jesus is His love for everyone and His desire that all come to know the love and life He offers.

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