Ideas for Calligraphy Projects

Written by shailynn krow | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Calligraphy Projects
Calligraphy is an elegant way of writing done with pens. (Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

Calligraphy is more than just practicing elegant writing on paper--it can be used in numerous projects as well. Though calligraphy does require practice, once you have crafted the skill at this type of writing, you can use it on gifts for family, friends or co-workers or a project for your own home.

Invitations and Cards

Calligraphy is an elegant style of writing that can be used on cards and invitations. Create wedding invitations using card stock from your local craft store for your own wedding or a friend's. Use calligraphy for the inside of the wedding invitation or simply to write the bride and groom's name on the front. If you find that you have a natural ability for making cards and invitations, you can start selling them as a home-based business.


Whether you are labelling jars of jam you prepared yourself or jars for a candy buffet, calligraphy can be an elegant accent for them. Create labels using card stock in the appropriate colour you need and write your message using calligraphy pens in different colours or even metallics. Use decorative ribbon to tie your labels to jars or glue them for a permanent fixture.

Wall Murals

Calligraphy does not have to be on just paper. Use calligraphy to write messages over door jams, on kitchen walls or even in your child's bathroom. This project should be done with either a paint pen or a paint brush and latex paint. It may be best to practice what you are going to write on a large piece of paper and lightly trace with pencil on the wall where the calligraphy would go to ensure it is even.

Picture Frames

A custom picture frame is a sentimental gift you can give to family, friends or even co-workers. Purchase a plain picture frame from your local craft store and decorate it using acrylic paints, silk flowers, buttons and other decor that matches the theme. Use calligraphy to write messages around the frame. For example for a new baby you can use calligraphy to write "It's a boy!" or even a lyric from a nursery rhyme.

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