Marketing & Communication Objectives for a Coffee Shop

Updated February 21, 2017

For any business, getting the word out about what you offer is crucial to getting the customer in the door and dollars in the cash register. A coffee shop's success often depends on word of mouth, and creating a marketing and communication plan can help guide your efforts and your money allocation in that effort. Create both sales target objectives and communication objectives for your coffee shop marketing plan.


A mission statement helps direct marketing by stating the purpose and philosophy. This could be: "To be the first choice for a cosy, neighbourhood hangout for young adults on the upper east side of town." This kind of mission statement clearly identifies the kind of marketing objectives you will develop.

Situation Analysis

Complete a situation analysis. This includes all the facts needed to create a marketing plan and marketing objectives. A coffee shop situation analysis will talk about the history of the shop, expenses, location, neighbourhood, market share, growth figures and analysis of the economy, and coffee shop sales in general over the past few years. A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis will highlight the most important aspects of the situation analysis. Analyse what is good about the current operation. Does your coffee shop attract a solid core of regulars? Do you have unique flavours that tend to create repeat customers once you get them in the door? Is it in a great location? Address opportunities -- a downtrend in Starbucks sales may mean increased opportunity for local speciality shops. Then look at weaknesses -- is the shop old or in need of remodelling? What about threats -- has McDonald's offered an expanded coffee menu at a nearby location? Are other stores adding speciality coffee?

Sales-Target Objectives

Once you have evaluated the current marketing situation, it's time to look at setting sales objectives. Set specific numeric objectives you want to meet based on your current sales, your evaluation of opportunities and challenges, and your analysis of the competition. For example, you may say that you would like to increase overall sales 10 per cent in six months. Or you may state that you want to sell 40 more speciality coffees each day. This will help you determine promotions and sales, as well as awareness campaigns.

Communication Marketing Objectives

Even more important than sales-target objectives are communication objectives. A coffee shop's communication marketing objectives will include raising awareness of the brand and the location, the benefits of your shop and the special features you offer. The purpose of your communication efforts also include creating a positive image of your shop and instilling a desire for people to stop by. Based on these objectives, you will plan your marketing strategies.

Marketing Mix

After determining marketing objectives, a coffee shop will determine its exact target market based on geographic and demographic characteristics. It will then choose a market position -- like the hip, funky and fun coffee shop, or the classy, tasteful coffee shop. Then the coffee shop can determine the right mix of marketing methods, such as sponsorships, press releases, events, coupons, specials and advertising.

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