The best motion detection security lights

Updated February 21, 2017

Motion security lights have many benefits. The ability to see when moving around your house at night is one of them. The lights will come on automatically when anything or anybody moves through their paths. Those looking to enter your home unannounced will be deterred by the light because it will draw attention when it lights up. Motion lights also cost much less than other home-security options. Many must be connected to the home electricity service, but several models are battery powered and can be installed quickly by the homeowner.

Dorcy 41-1071 LED Motion Sensor Flood-Lite

The Dorcy 41-1071 brand of motion detection security light is one of the best options for homeowners. The 180 degrees monitoring radius makes it hard for anybody to get around this motion detector. When anything crosses within 30 feet of its path, the light can turn on from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The lights are battery powered, with no wiring needed, which makes it easy to install. The water-resistant housing adds to its appeal because it gives the lights the ability to hold up in the rain.

Fulcrum 20031-107 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light

Fulcrum makes some of the best motion sensor lights available in stores. The Fulcrum 20031-107 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light can be used indoor and outdoors. It has a 100-degree monitoring range that will catch the movement of anything within 25 feet. They also can be rotated so the light points in the direction you want. These lights are battery powered, so they do not need any wiring. The housing is weatherproof so it will not be harmed by snow or rain.

SE Wireless Motion Sensor Light -- 10 Super Bright LED.

The SE Wireless battery-powered motion sensor light is manufactured with LED light bulbs that will last up to 100,000 hours of running time. It uses infrared sensors that will catch movement and heat 10 feet in front and 20 feet to the side. When the light is triggered, it will stay on for 30 seconds to give homeowners the ability to see what is going on. This light should be mounted under eves or in a place that will protect it from direct sun or rain.

Hard-wired Models

Motion-detection lights that can be wired to your home's electrical system are more difficult to install but require almost no maintenance. Productive Electronics ML-HW-C 2.4Ghz Hardwire Motion Light Camera which has normal motion detector capabilities mixed with a hidden video camera that will catch any movement within 100 feet. The RAB Lighting SUPER STEALTH 360 has three LED sensors that continuously scan the yard to catch the movement of anything 180 degrees out and 360 degrees up and down. There's also the Precision Plus Doppler Radar MS276RD Series that has a 270 degree range of detection within 90 feet of the sensor.

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