Kid's pirate party food ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

When hosting a pirate-themed party for kids, create pirate-inspired foods that will impress the mateys. With a few ingredients and some preparations, you can create dishes that are ready to sail the seven seas. Incorporate swords, pirate ships, sea creatures and treasure chests into your food to impress your guests with unforgettable ideas. Create kid-friendly dishes that are easy to eat with minimal mess.

Gold Nuggets

Cook chicken nuggets and place them on a serving platter. Make a sign to sit in front of the chicken nuggets that says, "Gold Nuggets." Frozen chicken nugget pieces are perfect for this food idea.

Healthy Underwater Snacks

Spread cream cheese on crackers and place goldfish on top of the cream cheese. For added decoration, place a couple of pieces of alfalfa spouts beside the goldfish crackers to resemble seaweed.

Fish Sandwiches

Use a fish-shaped cookie cutter to cut tuna sandwiches into fish shapes. Place the sandwiches on a platter and use a raisin to create the eyes.

Sea Hot Dogs

Make sea hot dogs for your pirate party using a skewer and triangle piece of paper. Thread the triangle piece of paper on the skewer and stick the skewer in the middle of the hot dog. Top with chilli and serve with goldfish crackers. Use a skewer or straw and triangle pieces to create a mask for most food items. Place pirate skull stickers on the masks for added decoration.

Ocean Creatures

Place several gummy fish in the bottom of a dish and mix a package of blue gelatin according to the package details. Pour the gelatin over the gummy fish and let the gelatin sit overnight. When you serve the gelatin, it will resemble sea creatures in the bottom of the ocean.

Sword Picks

Place chunks of fruit on sword-shaped toothpicks and serve on a platter. Put a small bowl of fruit-flavoured cream cheese in the middle of the platter. Sword-shaped toothpicks are available at many party supply stores and grocery stores.

Cannon Balls

Create cannon balls by mixing 1 1/2 cups peanut butter, 1 stick soft butter, 1 tsp vanilla and 3/4 pound confectioners' sugar. Roll the mixture into balls and dip in melted chocolate. Serve with a sign that says "Cannon Balls."

Shark's Blood

Make shark blood drinks by pouring red fruit punch into ice cube trays overnight. Place a couple of ice cubes in each child's cup and pour-room temperature lemon-lime soda over the cubes. The red will fade into the drink, which will resemble shark blood.

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