Decorative Stones for Candles

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorative stones and candles are the perfect marriage to create dramatic lighting and a tranquil space. Polished stones work well when used with other smooth surfaces within the decor, such as glass vases and water. Rough stones, such as an amethyst decorative stone holder, will look stunning on a nightstand within a room where other rough textures in shades of purple exist. Scented candles will create the perfect mood.

Relaxing Simplicity

Those who enjoy Zen decorating, understand the benefit of creating a tranquil space. Soft, neutral colours, including vanilla, grey, white and soft green, offer calming effects. Choose clean-scented votive candles, such as cotton, rain, fresh air, linen or vanilla. Place them within a soapstone holder, decorated with neutral-coloured stones, for a simple, but relaxing candle and decorative stone display.

Black River Stones

Black polished river stones are striking when used to decorate a table around a candle. When the candle is lit, the glow that the light casts upon the area sends elegant soft shadows around the candle's stand and creates a table display that is relaxing and reminiscent of the moon at night. Black stones can also be arranged in bowls, vases and wine glasses throughout the room to weave the black stone theme into the space. The more candles that are lit around the black stones, the more elegant the display becomes.

Polished Pebbles

Small and medium-sized polished river pebbles are perfect for filling in candle trays and decorating tables around candles and candle holders. They work well for dropping into water fountains and vases, where floating candles will rest above them. The earthy colour tones of cream, light brown, dark brown, rust and speckled tones contrast perfectly with earth-toned decorative scented candles.

Polished Stone and Gemstone Candle Holders

Stone candle holders can cradle candles as large as pillar candles or as small as tea lights. Stone candle holders are made of polished soapstone, onyx or marble. The key in purchasing a quality polished stone candle holder is to ensure that the holder has no cracks and is made without dye or wax. Polished stone candle holders of high quality will elegantly provide protection from dripping wax for years.

Gemstone candle holders create illuminating candlelight displays. Gemstone candle holders, including quartz crystal, amethyst, orange calcite and sodalite, are among some of the most attractive holders available.

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