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Updated April 17, 2017

In today's economy, it is difficult to raise funds for your church's Sunday school activities and crafts. Fortunately there are plenty of crafts and activities that do not cost a lot of money, and will keep your students engaged and occupied during Sunday school. Read on for activity and craft ideas that are inexpensive or even free.

Memory Verse Activities

Have the children sit in a circle and whisper a verse you want them to remember to one of the kids in the circle. Ask one child to whisper the verse to the person to her left and continue around the circle. See how close the children come to the verse when it goes around full circle.

While the children are sitting in the circle, give one of them a small ball. Instruct one child to pass the ball to the person to her left and recite one word of the verse. The person who receives the ball recites the next word. Go around the circle until the verse is complete.

Kindness Activities

Teach children about the concept of kindness by giving each of them several strips of paper and a pencil. Then call out the name of one of the children in the group and spell it, as the children write it on one of the strips of paper. Then ask the children to write something kind or positive about the child on the paper. Go around the room until all of the children have had a turn. They should each have several strips of paper with kind statements about them. If time allows, have each child read his kindness statements.

Easter Bag Crafts

Instead of making Easter baskets, have your children create Easter bags to take home. Ask for parents to send in a small, white gift bag with handles. You could also use lunch bags, grocery bags or any other paper bag you may have on hand. Have the children cut out Easter egg shapes from construction paper and decorate them with markers, glue and glitter. Use green construction paper and cut slits approximately ¾ inches long into the paper so it resembles grass. Have the children glue the grass to the bottom of the bag. Glue the decorated eggs onto and above the grass. Punch holes in the bags and weave colourful ribbons through the holes.

Angel Spoons

Spoon Angels are an entertaining Christmas craft. Take white, plastic spoons and have the children draw eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes on the backs of the spoon with permanent markers. Glue black, brown or yellow yarn to the tops of the spoons for hair or use permanent markers to draw hair on the angels. Then have the children cut triangles out of white paper for the angel's dress and tape to the handle of the spoon in the front and back. Cut white, lace doilies in half to use as the wings and have the children tape them to the back of the triangles. Or use white construction paper for wings. Just cut into a circle then cut the circles in half to use as wings. Have them decorate the triangles with markers, ribbons or bows and draw the angel's mouth on the spoon with permanent red marker.

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