Varieties of Strawberries

Updated February 21, 2017

There are countless varieties of strawberries, most of which are categorised by their flowering and fruiting time. Although they range in fruit quality and yields, most strawberry types produce fruits in spring or summer. June-bearing, everbearing and day-neutral are the main categories for strawberry varieties, but June-bearing types are the most popular.


There are three main types of strawberry plants, each of which have a long list of cultivated varieties or "cultivars." June-bearing strawberries set their flower buds in the fall when days are shorter and produce a full crop of fruits in spring or early summer. Everbearing varieties set their flower buds and fruits during the longer days in summer, while day-neutral strawberries can set flower buds during any day length. June-bearing types are the most popular due to their high yields and superior fruit quality, but they typically don't produce strawberries until the following year after planting them. On the other hand, day-neutral varieties can produce fruits in the first year.


There are numerous varieties of June-bearing strawberries, which are usually categorised by their harvest time in terms of early, mid or late season. Common early-season varieties include Sunrise, Earliglow, Fla 90 and Douglas, as well as Annapolis, Chambly, Delmarvel, Northeaster and Mohawk. Mid-season varieties include Cardinal, Tioga, Lester, Redchief, Surecrop, Allstar, Cavendish, Glooscap, Governor Simcoe, Honeoye, Jewel, Midway, Micmac, Raritan, Primetime, Scott and Apollo. Albritton, Winona, Seneca, Startyme, Latestar, Midway, Guardian, Kent, Lateglow, Bounty and Delite are classified as late-season varieties.


Ozark Beauty, Chandler and Fern are everbearing strawberry varieties, although many day-neutral types are also lumped into this category. Chandler produces very large strawberries with a medium-sized crop, while Fern produces a large crop yield but only medium-sized berries. Ozark Beauty is low- to medium-yielding with medium-sized strawberries.


The most common day-neutral strawberry varieties are Tristar and Tribute. These varieties tend to produce smaller strawberries and only moderate yields. Hecker and Selva are cultivars from California that are fairly new. Another day-neutral variety is Evita, a cultivar from Scotland. Despite their wide fruiting window, all day-neutral varieties typically have smaller, softer fruits that are sensitive to heat. Hecker is high-yielding and produces medium-sized strawberries, while Selva bears very large berries with a low to medium crop yield. Tribute is high-yielding with medium to large strawberries, while Tristar has a moderate yield with small to medium-sized berries.

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