Ginger Wine Drinks

Updated February 21, 2017

Ginger wine is produced and sold in the United Kingdom and is rarely exported, according to CocktailDB's website. Ginger is added to dried grapes and the mixture is allowed to ferment for up to nine months. The resulting wine has a bright and warm finish to it from the ginger. It appears as the base for many mixed adult beverages.

Whisky Mac

Mix together 29.6ml. of ginger wine with 1 14.2gr. Scotch whisky. This creates a fortifying cocktail known as a Whisky Mac. Add 29.6ml. of orange juice for a fruity twist to create a Thriller. The juice provides a slight sweetness to offset the spicy combination of ginger and Scotch.


The archbishop cocktail gets its name from the use of a dash of Benadictine liqueur combined with 56.7gr. of gin and 28.4gr. of ginger wine. Benadictine is a flavourful liqueur combination of brandy, hyssop and lemon balm with numerous other spices. This brand-name liqueur has a unique recipe, but another brandy liqueur could replace it if needed.

Adult Ginger Lemonade

Prepare an adult version of lemonade with ginger wine. The ginger spice in the wine counterbalances the sweetness from the lemonade. Mix three parts lemonade with two parts of ginger wine in a tall glass with ice and sliced fruits. This refreshing drink is an ideal summer substitute for margaritas.

Fizzy Ginger Wine

Enjoy an adult version of ginger ale. This champagne-based drink could replace mimosas during a weekend brunch. Put a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute and pour enough ginger wine to just cover the sugar. Fill the flute the rest of the way with champagne. As the ginger wine dissolves the sugar cube, it sweetens the drink. For even more sweetness, drop a second sugar cube into the flute.

Apple Ginger Drink

The warm spiciness of ginger is similar to that of cinnamon. And like cinnamon, ginger complements the natural sweet and tart flavour of apples. Mix in two parts of apple brandy per one part of ginger wine. Toss in a dash of sugar syrup and ice and mix in a blender or cocktail shaker. Serve chilled for a summer refresher, or omit the ice and gently warm it for an adult alternative to hot spiced apple cider.

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