Goody Bag Ideas for a Dog Birthday Party

Updated March 23, 2017

A party is a great way to celebrate a dog's birthday. Invite his four-legged, fury friends, break out the doggy games, food and have a good time. Don't forget to send your guests off with a goody bag as a thank you for taking the time to attend your pup's party. Include goody bags for your two-legged guests.

Doggy Treats

Put together a goody bag full of doggy treats that will have the little pups salivating. Include doggy cookies, hard and soft dog biscuits, beef sticks as well as chewy titbits. You can't forget about dental treats, which promote dental cleansing when chewed. Put all the treats into a doggy bowl. Place the dog bowl in a clear plastic bag or cellophane, and tie off the bag with ribbon. Not only will the guests walk away with delicious treats, but they will get a bowl that they can use later.

Grooming Goody Bag

Create a goody bag that will keep your furry friends looking their best. Contact a couple of local pet spas and grooming businesses in the area to get discount coupons for services. Go to your local pet supply store and shop for some dog grooming items. A shedding brush would be perfect for longhair dogs. You can also include a tic collar, shampoo and a dog toothbrush. Top off the goody bag with a doggy bandanna. Put all of these items in a gift bag with matching tissue paper.

Training and Toy Goody Bag

Put together a goody bag full of bouncy, squeaky toys for your four-legged friends. Include tennis balls, flying discs and chew toys. Tug toys are always a big hit. Include some type of training material to teach dogs different tricks. The material can be a book, DVD or some type of guide. The toys and the training material will provide hours of engaging activities.

Goody Bag for the Two-Legged Guests

You can't forget about the humans at the party. How else are the little pups going to get to the party? Put together a goody bag just for the dogs' owners. Include a dog-themed picture frame that they can use to store the pictures from the birthday party. Give them a personalised T-shirt that says "Dog birthday parties rock" as another piece of memorabilia from the dog's birthday party.

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