Fun Activities to Do With a Youth Group

Updated March 23, 2017

A youth group is an organisation that allows kids to get together in a positive environment. Some youth groups are church oriented, others are school oriented and some have to do with communities. Activities for youth groups are generally geared toward kids having a chance to hang out, have fun and do positive things in safe surroundings. There are many different activities that allow youth groups to thrive.

Community Building Activities

Members need a chance to bond as a group. Community-building activities allow them to do this. Group members should get together and share information about themselves. Have participants present one fact about their lives outside of youth group. For a fun activity, type up a sheet of paper with various statements such as "Likes Ice Cream" and "Has lived in two or more states" and give one to each student. Then have the students move around the room and talk to other students. Each student should get other students to sign under a statement that pertains to them. This helps students move through the room and talk to others, as well as learn about the members of the class.

Fun Activities

After group members know each other, they can do more fun activities together. Fun youth group activities such as bowling, going to a roller skating rink, having a picnic at a park or watching movies together. Other youth group activities include throwing parties for special holidays, having dances and singing karaoke.

Serious Activities

All youth groups should also do some serious activities. Schedule Bible studies for church youth groups and discussions about drug and alcohol use for community youth groups. These activities help members build trust in one another and so they can do some serious talking about issues. Other serious activities, like having political discussion or debates, discussing philosophies and talking about the future, help students connect on a deeper level.

Community Service Activities

Youth groups often do community service activities as well. Community service activities include volunteering at a food bank, hosting a toy drive and offering to work at a community service centre. Other possible activities include shovelling walks for the elderly, working with the mentally handicapped and volunteering at a local animal shelter.

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