Copper Anniversary Gifts for Him

Updated April 17, 2017

Your anniversary is a time of reflection and celebration between you and your husband over the seven years of joys and challenges in your marriage. While copper is the traditional gift of your seventh anniversary celebration, this versatile metal makes a great gift material for any celebration.

Copper Money Clip

A copper money clip is a unique variation on the traditional silver money clip. The flexible nature of copper affords creative designs, such as pictorial carvings or stylish loops. Choose a design that is appropriate to his lifestyle and personality. For example, if he works in a conservative law firm, the skull and bones design clip probably isn't an appropriate choice. Companies like Find Gift and Copper Reflections sell money clips made partially or entirely from copper. As of 2011 prices range from £7 to £65 depending on the design and amount of copper in the clip.

Copper Art

For the artistically inclined husband, give him an artistically hammered copper bowel or panel for his office. Artisans across the country use copper as a medium because of its flexibility and sturdy quality. Engrave a small message or your anniversary date on the back of the copper panel or sculpture. Companies like Erik Raft Copper Works or Copper Shade Tree sell and ship copper sculptures throughout the country.

Copper Picture Frame

Give your husband a particularly flattering picture of you both, your children, your pets or just yourself inside a copper frame. Choose a large decorative frame or a more conservative design if that's his style. Companies like Frames USA or Frames by Mail offer hammered or otherwise decorated frames for prices between £16 and £97.

Copper Bracelet

Men can enjoy stylish, holistic jewellery too. Give your husband a copper bracelet that is masculine and aesthetically appealing. Choose from a variety of copper bracelet styles such as braided, flat-band or geometric patterned. Some of the bracelets weave strands of copper and silver wires together creating a multilayered affect. Companies like Magnetic Jewelry Store and I Love Copper sell bracelets ranging from £22 to £48 depending on the size and design.

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