Ways to remove super glue

Written by kathryn hatter
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Ways to remove super glue
If Super Glue bonds things it shouldn't, remove it quickly. (Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

It can bond a wide variety of items together with a strength that stays secure. If you bond items together with Super Glue by mistake, you may think they're stuck together forever. Fortunately, you can dissolve Super Glue to remove it from surfaces. Even skin that you bonded with Super Glue can unstick with relative ease.


Apply acetone to the fabric with a toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush bristles into the acetone and gently saturate the area with the Super Glue. Continue brushing the acetone onto the fabric and carefully work the bonded area apart. Proceed carefully so you do not rip the fabric as you attempt to remove the Super Glue.


Saturate a cloth with acetone and apply the solvent to the Super Glue on the wood. Allow the acetone to soak on the Super Glue area until it softens the glue. Use a putty knife or a brush to peel the Super Glue from the wood. If you are attempting to unbond two wood items, apply the acetone into the crack between the items where the hard Super Glue is and wait for the glue to soften. Gently try to separate the items as the Super Glue softens and then peel off the remaining glue from the items after you separate them.


Soak glass in warm water to break a Super Glue bond. The manufacturers of Super Glue do not recommend bonding glass with Super Glue. Check the glass items periodically during the soaking process, trying to break the bond. Continue soaking until you can break the items apart. Chip off any remaining Super Glue after breaking the bond.


Place the skin area with the Super Glue into soapy, warm water. Allow the skin to soak for several minutes. Remove the skin from the soapy water and apply fingernail polish containing acetone to the area with the Super Glue. Saturate the area thoroughly and gently try to break the bond on the skin by pressing or peeling the skin apart. Work slowly to peel the skin apart because you may tear the skin if you attempt to pull it apart quickly.

Eyes or Lips

Do not use acetone or fingernail polish remover if you get Super Glue on your eyes or lips. Soak the eye area or the lips with warm water. You may try to peel the lips apart, but if they do not come apart with gentle pressure, stop immediately or you may tear the skin. Generally, if you get Super Glue onto your lips or eyes, the saliva near your lips and the moisture of your eyes will break down the Super Glue within one to two days. Consult a physician for incidents involving Super Glue on your lips or eyes.

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