Preschool Birthday Party Games, Activities and Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Due to their short attention spans and abundant energy, it takes myriad activities to keep preschoolers busy. When planning a birthday party for preschool kids, include a variety of activities and games to pique their interest. A few activities can help prevent boredom and keep the little ones involved in the party in an active way. Award small prizes to all participants as an incentive to stay involved in the games and activities.

I See Something

Play an icebreaker game to get the party started. The birthday boy goes first and finds an item in the room. Once he chooses an object, he can say things like, "I see something red and round," or "I see something orange and square." Give the preschoolers a chance to look around the room and guess. If they cannot guess, have the birthday child give them another clue. The first player to guess the item gets to take the next turn.

Edible Necklaces

Divide different kinds of colored loop cereals by color and place each color into muffin tins. Place the muffins tins on a table and cut a piece of ribbon for each child. Have each preschooler slide the loop cereal onto her piece of ribbon. After she finishes her necklace, tie it loosely around her neck. The children can eat the cereal off the necklace.

Lion Feeding

Draw a lion on a large piece of poster board and tape it to the bottom of a cardboard box. Cut the lion's mouth out and make sure it's large enough for small beanbags to fit through the opening. Purchase beanbags from your local craft store or make your own using socks, rubber bands and rice or dried beans. Lean the lion up against a wall or pole. Tell the preschoolers it's time to feed the lion and mark a starting line about five feet from the lion. Have the preschoolers take turns trying to toss the beanbags in the lion's mouth. Award a small prize to each child who tries.

Mural Activities

Place newspaper or a large plastic throw on the floor or on a table. Tape a large piece of butcher paper over the plastic throw or newspaper. Place several baskets of crayons and markers beside the paper. Tell each preschooler to color a picture for the birthday child and sign his or her own name. If they cannot sign their name, have an adult help them. After the birthday child looks at all the pictures, roll the paper up and save it as a memento.

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