Gift ideas for pearl wedding anniversaries

Written by cindi pearce | 13/05/2017
Gift ideas for pearl wedding anniversaries
The 30th anniversary is the pearl anniversary. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

The 30th wedding anniversary is the pearl anniversary, so there is never a more appropriate time than on this occasion to give pearl gifts. A pearl-themed event is a lovely idea as well.

Types of Pearls

Pearls come in not only classic white, but also delicate pink and Tahitian black as well as a host of other colours including peacock, aubergine, dusty rose, eggplant, earth tones and even orange, and that's barely scratching the surface. The colour of the pearl determines the pearl's meaning. For instance a brown pearl is masculine and means stability, reliability, protection, harmony, elegance, security and dependability, which makes it a perfect gift for the man who has been married 30 years. A pink pearl stands for happiness, passion, kindness, romance, health and love. A gift of a pearl necklace, bracelet or earrings, ring, pendant or brooch or a combination thereof is a wonderful 30th anniversary present for any wife. The husband can be given pearl cuff links or go with diamonds. Diamonds are the contemporary 30th anniversary gift, whereas pearls are the traditional gift. A pearl or diamond tie pin is another option.

More Gift Ideas

A mother of pearl vase or bowl is a good gift to give to the 30th anniversary couple. Personalised commemorative gifts, such as a plate with the couple's name and the date engraved on it, is a nice touch.

Pearlised Invitations

In keeping with the pearl theme, the invitations to the 30th anniversary party can be pearlised with embossed designs and raised borders. This is such an elegant look and sets the tone for the occasion.

Thirty Guests, 30 Gifts

Invite 30 guests who each bestow a present on the couple, totalling 30 gifts in recognition of the three decades the couple have been married. The husband can give his wife 30 roses.

Thirty Ways...

Write a poem telling your spouse the 30 ways in which you love him or do something special for your partner every day for 30 days.

The Gift of Music

Give the couple the gift of music, including the songs String of Pearls, Diamonds and Pearls, and Carole King's album Pearls.


Drape faux pearls on the party tables and entwine the pearls throughout the centrepieces.


For a whimsical touch have cake toppers made from pictures of the couple. The big-head cake toppers of the bride and groom (as they looked on their wedding day) will amuse the honorees and the guests.

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