Benefits for 100 percent disabled veterans

Updated March 23, 2017

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, also known simply as the VA, offers benefits to disabled veterans to compensate them for their service to their country. Two types of disability benefits are offered: disability compensation and disability pension. These benefits are paid to veterans monthly to help them with their monthly expenses. In addition, disabled veterans can also receive medical care at VA facilities instead of having to go to regular clinics and hospitals. If a veteran is rated at 100 per cent disability, then he receives the maximum amount of disability benefits that the VA offers veterans.

100 Percent Disability Compensation

A 100 per cent disability compensation is offered to veterans whose disabilities are determined by the VA to be completely caused by or made worse by their military service and to be severe enough to warrant the maximum amount of compensation available to veterans. This disability may be either physical or mental. As of 2010, the monthly pay rate for a 100 per cent disabled veteran with no dependents was £1,737 and that rate increases by approximately £130 for each dependent that a 100 per cent disabled veteran may have.

100 Percent Disability Pension

A 100 per cent disability pension is offered to veterans whose disabilities are not determined to be caused by their military service, but are considered severe enough to prohibit them from gainful employment. However, a veteran can only receive disability pension combined with his household income up to the maximum limit set by Congress, which as of 2010 was £7,689 with no dependents. The limit increases for a veteran with dependents. Therefore, a veteran's income as well as his spouse's income may decrease the monthly amount of his 100 per cent disability pension.

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits are offered to 100 per cent disabled veterans at no cost to the veteran, whether the veteran has a VA disability compensation or a pension. In addition, 100 per cent disabled veterans are the only disabled veterans who are eligible to receive VA dental care. Other disability ratings cannot receive dental care at a VA facility. Plus, 100 per cent disabled veterans receive all their prescriptions from VA pharmacies for free.

Filing for 100 Percent Disability

VA form 21-526, Veterans Application for Compensation and/or Pension, must be filed before you can receive 100 per cent disability. The VA determines your disability based upon medical records that you submit as well as any medical and treatment records that are in your military file. The VA application is comprised of four parts: the general information section, the compensation section, the dependency section and the pension section. The general information section obtains your basic information, including your branch of military service as well as your dates of service. The compensation section obtains information about the disabilities you are claiming are related to your military service. The dependency section obtains information about any dependents you may have. The pension section obtains information about any disabilities you are claiming you have as well as your financial information. You may apply for both compensation and pension by completing both sections; but if awarded both, you must choose which one you want to receive as you cannot receive both.

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