Popular Styles of Engagement Rings in 1968

Updated November 21, 2016

In 1968, a variety of engagement rings were popular among brides. Many of these rings were reflective of the styles of clothing popular in the 1960s. During this transitional fashion period, many styles of rings were on the market. A wide range -- from traditional to more eccentric rings -- were available to consumers during this time.

Cluster Rings

The cluster ring became popular in the later 1960s and was a popular engagement ring choice for many women in 1968. These engagement rings reflected the popular cocktail rings of the time. Cocktail rings were large statement rings that comprised clusters of several small gemstones. The engagement ring versions were generally quite large and comprised smaller diamonds clustered together to form a certain shape in the centre of the ring.

Diamond Solitaire Rings

Beginning in the middle 1960s, the diamond solitaire engagement ring began to rise in popularity. The diamond solitaire ring of this time comprised a plain metal band with no embellishments and one diamond stone in the middle of the ring. Bands were commonly made of yellow gold, and the centre stones were primarily round, oval or marquise cut diamonds. This trend carried on through 1968 and remained a popular choice for brides-to-be for years. These rings were simple and elegant and reflected the simplistic clothing styles of the time.

Nature Inspired Rings

Toward the end of the decade, more elaborate rings rose in popularity. Ring bands became wider and had more elaborate designs than the plain bands of solitaire rings. Many settings in 1968 reflected natural elements and were inspired by the rising popularity of hippie fashion. Many settings had elaborate etchings in them and included leaf or floral etchings or designs. Some rings even included small clusters of diamonds forming leaf and flower shapes in the setting.

Coloured Rings

Many engagement rings reflected influences of the 1960s society and fashion. In the 1960s, bright colours found their way into fashion. By 1968, this trend had influenced engagement rings and began to replace several more traditional types of rings. Many diamond rings were supplemented with other precious stones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds. Other engagement rings did not utilise diamonds at all and simply comprised several different types of precious stones to create a multicoloured look.

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