What is oxygen bleach for cleaning ceramic tile & grout?

Updated February 21, 2017

Oxygen bleach is a household cleaner that you can use to clean wood decking, tile, grout or even stains from laundry. Oxygen bleach is like chlorine bleach but is non-toxic. Before using it, learn about its properties and contents to ensure you are using it properly.

Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach is a non-toxic alternative to chlorine bleach. It performs many of the same actions without irritating your eyes, skin or lungs. Oxygen bleach, however, is weaker than chlorine bleach and takes longer to perform the same tasks.

Using Oxygen Bleach

You can use oxygen bleach to clean ceramic tile and grout. To use it, mix the bleach with water and pour it over the surface of the tile and grout. Watch the solution bubble on the surface for several minutes. The bubbling is a reaction between the water and the oxygen bleach. Scrub the ceramic tile and grout until you loosen all of the dirt and rinse the area with clear water.

Soda Ash

Some types of oxygen bleach contain soda ash. Soda ash is an alkaline product that boosts the pH of the oxygen bleach. This enhances its ability to remove stains from tile and grout surfaces.

Choosing Oxygen Bleach

Common brand names for oxygen bleach are Oxi-Clean, Stain Solver, Oxygen 8 and Wolman's Deck Brightener. Each of these product has different components and ingredients. Choose an oxygen bleach brand that has the highest concentration of actual oxygen bleach. Choose one that has more than 65 per cent active ingredients, as these will have fewer fillers and more cleaning power.

Purchasing Oxygen Bleach

Purchase the right about of oxygen bleach for the ceramic tile floor you are cleaning. Most manufacturer's will stipulate how much square footage the package of oxygen bleach can clean. Approximately 0.907kg. of oxygen bleach will clean 500 square feet of tile.

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