Men's 11th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

While your husband may sometimes be impossible to shop for, you can use Emily Post's traditional wedding gift list as a guide when searching for an 11th wedding anniversary gift. The traditional gift for an 11th anniversary is steel and can encompass any item from a statue to a tool. For the perfect gift, consider giving him an item that he loves but would never buy for himself.

Steel Statue or Sculpture

Give your husband a statue or sculpture made of steel as a unique and unexpected anniversary gift. Statues for men may include a sports-related statue of a ball in a pitcher's mitt or of a golfer. You might also personalise a steel sculpture or plaque with a special message to your husband and the date of your wedding. Steel statues can be found in speciality gift shops or online.

Tools and Gadgets

Many tools are made from steel or have steel components, including hammers, sharpening tools, axes or shovels. Visit your local home improvement store to find tools with steel components that your husband might enjoy using. Gadgets are another great idea for your husband's anniversary gift if you would like to give him a practical gift. Often electronic in composition, his preferred gadget might include a digital camera, mobile phone, GPS navigation system or mp3 player.

Hobbies or Interests

Look to his hobbies and interests for inspiration. A wedding anniversary gift doesn't have to be traditional; instead, give your husband an item you know he could get a lot of use out of. If he has a favourite sports team, give him tickets to their next game or treat him to season tickets. If he enjoys a specific genre of movies or music, give him a compendium of greatest hits in that genre.


There are many accessories to choose from when using steel as the theme for your husband's 11th wedding anniversary gift. Give him an accessory he can wear often, such as a belt buckle, tie tack, watch or money clip. Don't be afraid to purchase jewellery for your man, as fashion jewellery also happens to be the modern 11th anniversary gift. You can find a variety of men's bracelets or rings made with steel.

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