Unique bunk beds for kids

Updated March 23, 2017

Bunk beds are a necessary part of any shared child's bedroom. Not only does it give each child his own bed, but it also saves space in a small area by keeping the beds stacked on top of each other. Unique bunk beds are more interesting than ordinary bunk beds.

Fleetwood Bunk Bed

The Fleetwood Bunk Bed is a multipurpose and interesting bunk bed option. The top bunk is normal, spreading across the top like a roof with a mattress. The bottom bunk, however, folds into two side-facing small couches. Between the two couches, the bottom and middle of the bottom bunk slides up to make a desk to use as a place to study.

Rustic Log Bunk Bed

For kids interested in the great outdoors, rustic log cabins, history or interesting furniture, the cedar right bunk bed is ideal. The bed looks like it was made directly from a cut-down tree, complete with round logs rather than flat boards. The bed is hand peeled and made from real cedar. Since the beds are handmade, the look of each bed will differ slightly depending on the shape of the wood.

Cassidy Playhouse Bed

The Cassidy playhouse bed combines the bunk bed with the great outdoors by providing a tent or fort appearance to the bed. The bottom bunk can completely close off the bed to the world at the middle, and the top has half a tent.

Dollhouse Bunk Bed

The dollhouse bunk bed is a bed designed for a girl's room. The beds run perpendicular to each other, with the top bunk hidden by the front of the dollhouse. The bottom bunk is partially beneath the top bunk and is perpendicular rather than parallel to the top bunk. The shape of the bed is similar to a dollhouse, with a window at the top and a shelf along one side. The bed is purple with pink and yellow detailing.

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