Crafts for Kids About King Solomon

Updated April 13, 2017

King Solomon was the son of David and the last king before the Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah split. King Solomon is credited as being the one who constructed the First Temple in Jerusalem. The Bible depicts Solomon as a man of wisdom, wealth and power, but he chose sin and idolatry and turned away from God. Today, Solomon is known for having written the proverbs of the Old Testament.

Wisdom Scroll

Print a selection of the proverbs from Solomon and copy them for the kids. The kids can then wrinkle the pages up and dip them in tea to make them look old. The scrolls of the proverbs can then be dried with a hair dryer or left out to air dry. The wisdom scroll can then be rolled up and tied with rubber bands or leather laces.

Prayer Page

Create a prayer page for each kid to write out what they want to ask from God, such as patience or wisdom and then have them write out what they will do if their request is granted. Students can then write out a Proverb that connects with their prayer.

King Solomon's Temple

Read the passage from the Bible that describes the temple of King Solomon and create a temple using cardboard, paint and other supplies. Kids can talk about what happened at the temple and why the temple being built was important for the Jewish nation.

Bible Character Craft

Take several Bible characters, such as Solomon and King David, and print or draw a picture of the character. Glue clothes on the character or colour the character in and put the picture of the character on a Popsicle stick to act out a specific scene about Solomon from the Bible.


Teach kids the story of King Solomon by having them make their own crowns similar to the one King Solomon wore in the Old Testament. The paper should be measured to fit around the child's head and should be about 5 inches tall. The one side of the strip of paper should be in a zigzag pattern and kids can then decorate the crown with jewels, glitter or other material.

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