Kindergarten Sky Projects During Day & Night

Updated March 23, 2017

Exploring the sky is an enjoyable activity at any age, but for kindergartners, studying the sky and the difference between day and night is usually part of the science curriculum. Kindergarten sky projects during day and night provide opportunities for students to explore the sky, including the sun, the moon and the stars.

Study the Earth as a Group

Have students stand around a sun lamp. Explain to the children that each of them represents the earth as it is rotating. Some will be in the sun and some will be in the dark. Have the students rotate around the lamp, and point out those who are experiencing the equivalent of sunrise, sunset, day and night.

Study the Globe

This project or demonstration also shows children how daytime and nighttime work across the globe. Use a circular globe, and place a sticker where you are on the globe. Shine a sun lamp on that spot and begin to spin the globe slowly, showing how as it gets darker where the sticker is, lighter on other areas.

Day and Night

Give each kindergarten student a paper plate. Help students divide the plate in half. On one side of the plate, have students draw a daytime sky with details of day such as the sun and a blue sky. On the other side of the paper plate, have students draw the nighttime sky with details such as stars and the moon.

Moon and Stars

Have pupils keep a class moon book. Each night for a month, a different child takes the moon book home and draws what the moon looks like that night. When the book is complete, discuss the different phases of the moon. A variance of this project is to draw the stars or planets they can see surrounding the moon, then discuss constellations and galaxies.

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