What flowers go with latte-colored bridesmaids' dresses?

Updated April 17, 2017

Warm shades of champagne, chocolate brown and latte are, as of 2011, popular colour choices for bridesmaids' dresses. Since it is a neutral colour, latte-coloured bridesmaid dresses tend to complement a variety of skin tones and hair colours. Latte-coloured dresses match a number of flower varieties and colours, allowing bridesmaids to complement a plethora of wedding themes and colour schemes.

Red and Burnt Orange Flowers

Bouquets made of deep red and burnt orange flowers have a fiery appearance that looks remarkable with latte dresses. As opposed to fire engine-red blooms, darker shades give latte-coloured dresses a richness that looks especially beautiful when used as part of an autumn wedding. Bouquets of deep red roses and burnt orange calla lilies lend a warm glow to latte dresses. For more texture, florists can add clusters of bold red berries, dark wildflowers or ruby-coloured autumn leaves to the bouquet.

White Arrangements

White flowers have a simple yet elegant look that is showcased beautifully against a variety of bridesmaids' dresses. In particular, when placed against a brown background, such as a latte-coloured dress, a bouquet of white flowers seems to glow. Many types of white flowers can be used in bridesmaid bouquets; each variety will evoke a very different effect. For example, white roses establish a soft, romantic feeling while orchids and lilies have a bold and even exotic appeal, making them perfect for a modern-themed weddng.

Greens and Leaves

Rather than including traditional floral arrangements in their weddings, brides who want to give their weddings a unique edge can have their bridesmaids carry green bouquets. Green arrangements paired with latte-coloured bridesmaids' dresses look particularly attractive in weddings with a nature theme. While green bouquets can be created from emerald- or yellow-green-coloured flowers, they may also be made with no flowers at all. Instead, the bouquets can feature ferns, thick grasses and other leafy green plant parts.

Multicoloured Bouquet

A bride does not need to use only one colour when planning floral arrangements to complement her bridesmaids' latte-coloured dresses. Bouquets consisting of a variety of coloured blooms and different types of flowers can add a burst of colour to the simple shade of a latte-coloured bridesmaid's dress. Bold colours, such as golds, reds, and violets, have a dramatic appearance. On the other hand, softer shades, like dusty pinks and cornflower blues, can look charming in a country-themed wedding.

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