Kids Crafts & School Project Ideas

Written by lisa mcquerrey | 13/05/2017
Kids Crafts & School Project Ideas
Craft projects bring out a child's creative nature. (Getty Thinkstock)

Kids crafts and school project ideas can be implemented as part of a structured school art program or as a creative addition to the course of a teacher's daily instruction. They can also be done at home, either for school credit or just for fun. Kids crafts and school project ideas should be age-appropriate and should encourage creative exploration in a variety of different mediums.

Set Up

Whether you're making crafts and school projects in the classroom or at home, it's a good idea to set up a "crafts and projects station" that contains all of your tools and materials, such as scissors, paper, glue, markers, paint and paintbrushes, stencils, clay, découpage, yarn and fabric and woodworking supplies. Also include smocks and cleaning supplies as well as rolls of craft or butcher paper for covering work surfaces.


Your crafting materials can all be stored in a craft organiser, like a multi-drawer plastic shelving unit on wheels that can easily be moved from place to place. A large plastic tub with individual storage containers works just as well. Empty coffee cans make good containers, as do baby food jars, shoe boxes and zippered plastic sandwich bags. In developing your organizational system, keep frequently used items in easily accessible areas. With everything in one central place, you'll never have to go searching for your supplies.

Craft Projects for All Ages

Paper crafts can be adapted to all ages. Younger children can enjoy finger painting, making collages and drawing self-portraits, while older kids can take on more advanced projects like origami, art deco imitations and even making handmade paper.

Clay crafts can be simple or complex. Colourful polymer clay is an excellent medium for making everything from pencil-topper mini sculptures to elaborate textured jewellery pieces. Artist clay can also be used for sculpting bowls, cups and plates.

Watercolour pencils and charcoal are two interesting craft mediums for kids to explore. Each offers a unique twist on simple line drawing and encourages creativity and imagination.

Painting is another craft project that can be adapted to a child's age. Younger kids do best with craft paint and washable watercolours while older children may enjoy experimenting with the textures of oil paints.

Découpage is a simple way to create unique crafts. Kids can cover boxes or bottles with colourful paper decoupaged to the surface to create unusual art pieces.

School Projects

Many creative school projects involve a student designing something such as a science fair project, a diorama or an audio or visual presentation. One of the best ways to encourage creativity and originality in this medium is to provide a variety of "tools" to work with and urge kids to think creatively as well as analytically. In addition to focusing on the academic side of a creative school project, emphasise the visual design elements that will bring life to their project. For example, a student putting together a presentation on the travels of Lewis and Clark might use twine and crinkled brown paper bags to make an aged-looking report cover.

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