Children Activities With Boats

Written by shaleah patterson | 13/05/2017
Children Activities With Boats
Making a sailboat out of recycled materials can be fun for children of all ages. (sailboat image by Irina Kodentseva from

Boat-themed activities can be fun for children of all ages. Common household items, such as paper plates, egg cartons and recycled paper, can be used to make crafty boats. Boat-themed stories can be told while children play with boats in a water table, and learning about why the boats float can be memorable for small children. The difficulty of the crafts varies depending on the ages of the children.

Paper Plate Boat

Take a clump of modelling clay and place it in the centre of a paper plate. Stick a toothpick or a craft stick in the centre of the clay. Cut out a sail for the boat from a piece of coloured construction paper or white paper. Attach the sail with glue or tape and allow the children to experiment with how the wind directs the boat over the water using the sail.

Boat Play Table Activity

Allow children to use toy sailboats to experiment with boat sails. This activity must be done outside, preferably when it's windy. It could also be done in a kiddie pool or a small pond. Allow the children to adjust the sails and see where their boats end up.

Egg Carton Boat

Cut the top off an egg carton container with scissors. The bottom of the egg carton will be used as the boat. Decorate the inside of the boat and the sides with decorative shapes, jewels and glitter. Cut out shapes can also be used to decorate the inside of the boat. Cut out a triangle shape from construction paper to use for the sail. Attach the triangle to a straw or craft stick, then tape the straw to the inside of the boat. Put the boat in water and watch it float.

Boat Pictures

Print out pictures of boats for children to colour in. Let them decide what kind of boat they want to colour, such as a pirate ship, sailboat or motor boat. Allow them to use their imaginations and colour their boats whatever colours they'd like. Allow them to use markers, crayons, glitter, jewels and craft foam shapes. Hang their boats on the notice board for everyone to see. After they have completed their pictures, read a boat-themed story to them.

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