Tall Pringles Tube Crafts

Updated July 19, 2017

Almost everyone loves crisps. In fact, American's eat crisps at a rate of 1.2 billion pounds per year. With all those crisps consumed annually, there is no wonder so many empty crisp bags and tubes end up being thrown away. Before you throw away another one of those tall Pringle crisp tubes, consider the many projects you can do to make them a useful item in your home.


Cut the tube horizontally into several pieces. You can vary the width of the cuts or go with a set size. Cut a piece of felt 1/4 inch wider than a piece of tube you are going to cover. Wrap the felt around the tube piece and secure on the inside (inside of the bracelet) with hot glue. Cut another strip of felt slightly smaller than the width of the bracelet and glue that into the inside as well (to cover where the first piece of felt was glued. You may choose a matching or coordinating colour for this interior colour. You should now have all the cardboard covered in felt, both inside and outside. Finish by decorating the outside with buttons, jewels or glitter paint.

Bowling Game

Take six tall Pringles tubes and cover them in a solid colour. You may choose to paint them or cover them with contact paper. Write the numbers one through six on the containers; assigning each tube with its own number. Fill each tube with about a quarter of a cup of sand or rice or even with a few small rocks, and replace the lid. On a sidewalk or other flat surface, set the tubes up in a triangle shape to resemble pins in a bowling alley. Standing a few feet away, roll a small ball in an attempt to knock over the tubes. Add up the numbers (written on the tubes) on the tubes to figure your score. Put the pins up again and allow the second and third, etc., players to take turns. First player to a designated number wins.

Time Capsules

Supply magazines and catalogues to students and ask them to find pictures that represent time. Watches, clocks, Father Time and hour glasses are examples of pictures the children may find. After pictures have been found and cut out, have children glue pictures on a tall, empty Pringles can that has been cleaned out. Write each child's name on the lids of the cans. Fill the cans with photos of the children, pictures drawn by them and fun little toys (balls, stickers and pencils work well). Replace the lids, and put cans away in storage. After a designated time, say one year later or at the end of the school year, give the children back their can for a fun surprise.

Pencil Holder

Cover entire can, save the lid, in whatever material you like to work with. Felt, contact paper and wrapping paper work well. Decorate with ribbon, jewels, buttons and stickers for a custom design. Write the recipients name on the front or cut the letters of the person's name out of felt, and glue onto the can. Fill the can with new pencils and give to a teacher on the first day of school.

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