Math Activities With Cupcakes

Written by shelley frost
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Math Activities With Cupcakes
Baking uses measurements and fractions. (Cupcakes image by Kalani from

Food math makes the subject more relevant and interesting for kids. Students are able to see a relevant connection between math concepts and real life. The cupcake math activities work well in elementary classrooms or at home for extra math practice. The math concepts involved range from money to fractions.

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Cupcake Fractions

Cupcakes lend themselves to fraction practice. Provide a certain number of paper cupcake cutouts for the activity. The kids use the paper cupcakes to figure out specific fraction-related problems. For example, you might make the paper cupcakes different colours and ask what fraction of the cupcakes are a specific colour. Another option is to ask the students to divide the cupcakes evenly between a certain number of people.

Cupcake Story Problems

Story problems work for all grade levels. The paragraph presentation of the math data requires the kids to figure out what information they need to solve the problem. Write story problems related to cupcakes for themed practice with the problems. An sample story problem is, "One batch of cupcakes feeds 12 people. Suzy invited 27 people to her party. How many batches of cupcakes does she need to make?" Adjust the difficulty level and math skills used based on the grade level.

Cost Calculation

A cost-calculation activity for cupcakes incorporates the theme with money. Provide the students with a copy of a cupcake recipe. The kids also need either grocery ads or a list of prices for the ingredients that you create. The kids calculate the cost of buying all of the necessary ingredients to make the cupcakes. You can also have them double or triple the recipe first and then calculate the cost for materials.

Baking Cupcakes

A baking project incorporates math concepts, particularly measurements and fractions. Choose a cupcake and frosting recipe for the kids. The kids gather the appropriate ingredients from a central location. They measure the ingredients and follow the directions to complete the cupcakes as specified in the directions.

Cupcake Graphs

Graphing fits into the math curriculum at the elementary level. Cupcake graphing activities give the students a chance to vote on their favourite flavours. Each child needs a paper cupcake cutout. Draw a graph with different columns representing cupcake flavour options. The kids vote for their favourite flavours by placing their cupcake cutouts in the corresponding column. Use the graph to evaluate the responses mathematically. For example, you might talk about the flavour that has the most or the least, how many more a certain category has or practice adding up the numbers in each column to see if it matches the total number of students.

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