Primary School Education Issues

Updated March 23, 2017

Teaching at the primary education level is challenging for teachers. Primary education is generally considered kindergarten through the third grade. Teachers are responsible not only for teaching a good educational foundation in many subjects, but also for setting impressions on the children they teach. There are many issues at the primary level of education including classroom management, education standards, varied student abilities and impressionability.

Classroom Management

Classroom management is a common term used in the educational setting. Teachers are responsible for managing their classrooms when it comes to issues of education, behaviour and creating a welcoming, happy environment. It often takes teachers several years to learn how to develop a classroom that is managed well. Teachers face many obstacles when it comes to this subject, mainly from behaviour issues. Many teachers are taking the assertive approach in classroom management. This approach requires a few set rules the students must follow. When students follow these rules, the teacher acknowledges them. When students break the rules, the teacher is clear, concise and consistent in handing out consequences.

Education Standards

Another common issue that arises in primary schools is the standards of education not meeting expectations. This is a very difficult obstacle for many schools. In state schools, the state mandates the standards that students should learn each year. Students are tested periodically to check if these standards are being met. If not, the teachers and school must adjust the curriculum in order to cram more education into one year. This is a huge obstacle teachers face, especially because children learn at different paces.

Varied Student Abilities

When schools try meeting educational standards, the teachers often are placed in difficult situations. All students entering into a specific grade are at different levels. Some students are behind where they should be, others are right where they should be and some are above the level of the grade. This issue is hard for teachers to handle. It is often difficult for teachers to hold each child's attention while teaching. The students who are above the level of the grade tend to become bored. The others are struggling to try to learn the basics.


Students at the primary level are very impressionable. Teachers and staff face a huge responsibility of being good role models for these children. Teachers must try to encourage students to work hard while maintaining a good structure in the classroom. Teachers need to be aware that they have the ability to either encourage or discourage students from enjoying school and wanting to continue their education.

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