Garden Wall Art Projects

Updated July 25, 2017

Decorate plain garden walls with garden wall art to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. Garden wall art projects can withstand weathering and set off nearby plantings. Projects range from simple do-it-yourself endeavours to elaborate projects that may require professional help. Consider the range of popular options for garden wall art.

Tile Mosaic

Choose a blank, relatively flat wall for installing a tile mosaic. Look to images of mosaics in Barcelona by the artist Antoni Gaudi, Byzantine mosaics or public mosaic art in your area for inspiration. Choose coloured stones, pieces of polished stained glass, fragments of tile and even broken china with appealing patterns to compose your mosaic. Effective designs can be large and simple, as the fragmented nature of the tiles provides plenty of visual stimulation.

Living Wall

Plantings on a wall bring a surprising vertical design element to the garden. Try a clever wall planting such as a patchwork of multicoloured succulents in a wooden frame. Blooming vines twirling around a wire frame create a topiary silhouette. Try a bunny shape draped with ivy for a country touch or cloud shapes planted with blue and white morning glories for whimsy.


Murals can make quiet garden walls sing. Image sources are endless -- if you are artistic, you can paint anything you dream up, such as a surrealist montage of limbs and melting garden tools; if you feel less confident about your painting skills, try a clean and modern geometric landscape, such as a yellow circle on a blue rectangle above a green stripe. Consider how busy you want your garden to feel; wall murals should not distract from carefully considered and nurtured plantings.


Install a fountain on a garden wall to create an old-world feeling. Find cool wall fountains at vintage shops or on travels abroad; unearth reproductions in gardening catalogues or at home supply outlets. Fountains can be expensive to maintain, so be certain you are up to the task -- or leave them disconnected from water sources for a purely sculptural touch.

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