Art Projects With Glow Sticks

Written by elizabeth james | 13/05/2017
Art Projects With Glow Sticks
Glow sticks are a creative medium to use for art. (neon glow image by Laura Lupton from

Glow sticks have been around for decades and are loved by all generations. A glow stick is a translucent tube that is filled with chemicals that create a glowing light. Glow sticks only last a few hours. Glow sticks can be used for hiking or other practical uses. However, glow sticks are usually used for recreational uses like dancing, toys or costume accessories. You can also use glow sticks to create some artistic art projects.

Glow Stick Card

Art Projects With Glow Sticks
Use a glow stick and card stock to make a glow stick card. (heart and arrow image by Stephen VanHorn from

Cut out four small 1-inch hearts from card stock. Cut out two 4-inch hearts from card stock. Place glue around the edges of one of the large hearts. Take a skinny glow stick and place it diagonally on the glued side of the heart. The glow stick will become an arrow going through the heart. Take the second large heart and place it on top of the glued heart and the glow stick. Secure the two hearts and the glow stick together by pressing firmly around the glued edges. Attach two small hearts to one end of the glow stick by gluing the edges of the hearts together with the glow stick in between the hearts. The bottom part of the heart should make the arrow tip. Repeat the same step with the remaining two hearts on the other end of the glow stick. Use a permanent marker to write you message on the front of the heart.

Glow Stick Photography

Art Projects With Glow Sticks
Use glow sticks to take creative photos. (glow wire blurs image by pdtnc from

Have an assistant hold glow sticks in her hands. Have her wave the glow sticks around wildly to capture the imagery of moving light with photographs. You can experiment with light and dark backgrounds. You can also experiment with glow sticks in different colours and different lengths.

Glow Stick Sculpture

Purchase glow stick connectors online to make glow stick sculptures. You can connect glow sticks together to form balls. You can also form something from your imagination. Try making animal shapes or something abstract.

Glow Stick Spinning Videos

You can make an artistic video using glow sticks. The dynamic images created by spinning and quickly moving glow sticks is impressive. Capture the magical feel of the glow sticks by filming your assistants doing tricks or dancing with the glow sticks. You can set the video to music to give it a more professional feel.

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