Information on Liquid Sevin Insecticide

Liquid Sevin is a brand of the insecticide carbaryl manufactured by Bayer CropScience. Sevin is also available in powdered and granule forms. The liquid form can be purchased as a concentrate and mixed with water before use. The insecticide mixture can then be administered over fields, crops and vegetable gardens with a power sprayer or by crop-dusting aeroplane. It can also be used for lawns and backyard gardens.


The active ingredient is the insecticide carbaryl. Insects die by coming into contact or by eating the carbaryl. Bayer estimates that there is 446 grams of carbaryl in every litre of liquid Sevin. Liquid Sevin also contains soy, which some people may be allergic to. Liquid Sevin also contains a preservative known as 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one.


Liquid Sevin is lethal to beneficial insects like bees and earthworms. Liquid Sevin can kill people if it is ingested. Poisoning symptoms include nausea, diarrhoea, uncontrollable drooling, abdominal cramps, sudden sweating, blurred vision, loss of coordination and seizures, according to the Extension Toxicology Network. Liquid Sevin can also cause reddening and itchiness of skin and can burn the eyes should you come in contact with it. If this happens, rinse your eyes or skin and contact a hospital immediately. Bayer claims that atropine is the antidote for liquid Sevin poisoning. Wear work gloves, long sleeves and eye protection before mixing liquid Sevin.

Pests Killed

Carbaryl is considered a broad-spectrum insecticide, meaning it can kill hundreds of insect species. Some of these pests to gardens, lawns and crops include grasshoppers, leaf hoppers, blister beetles, armyworms, webworms, asparagus beetles, climbing cutworms, Mexican bean beetles, blueberry maggots, Lygus bugs, stink bugs, squash bugs, flea beetles, imported cabbageworms, meadow spittlebugs, cornworms, cucumber beetle, alfalfa loopers, prairie tent caterpillars, ugly nest caterpillars, fruittree leafrollers, strawberry leafrollers, grapeberry moths, fireworms and tomato hornworms.

Strength and Frequency of Use

Know what species of insect that need to be killed before spraying liquid Sevin. Different insects need different strengths of mixes in order to kill them. Bayer includes a long list of mixing strengths and spraying tips for each pest. Some insects, such as the Mexican bean beetle, will also need another spraying in seven to 10 days while other insects, like those that infest apricot and peach trees, only need to be sprayed when insects are seen.

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