Home remedies for growing taller

Written by lee morgan
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Home remedies for growing taller
You can do some things at home while you're young to increase your height. (young tall looking boy image by Ramona smiers from Fotolia.com)

After the completion of puberty the human body typically stops getting taller. This happens around the age of 16 for girls and 18 for boys. While there isn't much evidence to support the idea that one can grow taller later in life, aside from perhaps developing better posture, there are several ways to promote height during childhood and maximise growth potential. There are several activities you can do at home that will allow you to get as tall as your genetics will allow.

Proper Rest

Growth hormones are the substances produced in the brain that stimulate body growth through the end of puberty. The production of this hormone is significantly decreased when a child does not get enough sleep. Simply getting in bed on time and getting a full eight hours of sleep will help promote proper growth, including maximum height.


Stretching is an effective way to enhance height at any age. While the body will not grow taller as an adult, some stretching exercises will help improve posture, which often adds an inch or two to a person's height if they typically slouch. These same exercises can have a real effect on height during puberty as the body develops. Exercises to straighten and strengthen the spine can help permanently improve posture and height. The Cobra, for example, is a stretch in which a person lays face down on the floor and raises the head up while arching the back and supporting weight with the palms of the hands. A Cat Stretch is done by getting on the hands and knees and arching and sinking the spine over and over again. Basic spread leg stretches and hanging from a bar by the hands or at the knees will also help encourage maximum height.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises help to add to the supply of oxygen in your body. This added oxygen helps to stimulate growth and is also a relaxing exercise. Breathe air in through your nose for around three to five seconds, expanding your chest and stomach. Hold the air in for another three to five seconds, tighten your abdominal muscles and exhale slowly to release the air. Shallow breathing, on the other hand, can stunt growth.

Healthy Diet

When you eat, your body releases insulin. The more you eat, the more insulin you produce. Insulin tends to prevent the proper release of human growth hormones, which are responsible for height. Eating large meals therefore discourages maximum growth. Develop healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime and give your body the fuel it needs to grow. Eat small nutritious portions will prevent excess insulin from hindering your height.

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