How much does an interior painter make per hour?

Written by leyla norman | 13/05/2017
How much does an interior painter make per hour?
An experienced painter has more skills, which brings in more money. (house painter, image by Greg Pickens from

The salary for an interior painter does not differ much from that of a painter who paints only exteriors or who paints both interiors and exteriors. The amount of money a painter makes per year depends in large part on his skills and experience. Location is another important determinant of a painter's salary.

Interior Painter

A survey of ten interior painter jobs in the United States by the website Salary Expert states that the salary range for an interior painter can be between £18,395 and £34,905, as of December 2010. The £18,395 position was in Dallas, and the £34,905 job was in Chicago.


The more skills painting an interior that a painter has, the more money he can make. For example, brushing and rolling are basic to most painters. However, a skilled sprayer who can spray lacquers and oil finishes may make a higher salary than a beginning painter without that skill. A faux finisher can also get more money.

Painters in General

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average salary for a painter (both interior and exterior) in the residential building industry is about £21,580. The average annual salary of a painter in the building finishing contractor industry isa little higher at about £23,660. This data is current as of May 2009.

States and Cities

Illinois is the highest-paying state for painters in general. The annual average salary there is £32,474. If a painter lives in Nevada, the mean annual salary is £31,102, and in Alaska, it is £29,991. The highest-paying metropolitan area for painters is Lawrence-Methuen-Salem, Massachusetts-New Hampshire, where painters earn about £46,436 on average each year. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, painters earn about £36,270 per year, and those in the Nassau-Suffolk, New York, region can bring in about £38,122 each year.

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